Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Most states banning synthetic marijuana!

Today, the City of Chicago's ban on synthetic marijuana takes effect. Businesses that sell the products will face fines and possible loss of their business licenses. This will be followed by a law beginning January 1st that will make selling synthetic pot a felony in Illinois. To date, at least 40 states have banned products that mimic marijuana.

I think that I am out of touch with this whole fad amongst teens. Apparantly, over 10% of high school students have used synthetic marijuana. The number of adverse effects of these products has doubled this year as opposed to 2010 (judging by the number of calls to poison control centers). In fact, synthetic pot follows only traditional marijuana in terms of percentage of use amongst high school students.

What appears to be the main reason for concern about these synthetic drugs is the fact they are "synthetic." Synthetic products are chemically manufactured and the adverse effects are often not immediately recongnized. Reported side effects of synthetic marijuana include convulsions, anxiety attacks, elevated heart rates, vomiting and suicidal thoughts.

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