Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Study shows benefits of massage therapy for low back pain

A new study from the Annals of Internal Medicine reveals that massage therapy can be beneficial to chronic low back pain. Study subjects were separated into 3 groups. One group received no massage therapy and were allowed to handle their low back pain with a method of their choosing (sometimes nothing at all). The other two groups received relaxing (Swedish) massage and problem-focused massage therapy.

Both massage groups showed much better post-study results in regards to reduction in low back pain symptoms. Approximately one-third of the massage group participants stated their back pain was either minimal or completely alleviated after the treatment period compared with only a few percent of those in the self-treatment group.

Massage therapy can indeed be extremely beneficial to patients. When used in conjunction with conservative chiropractic care and core strengthening, the benefits are limitless and long-lasting. Another perk is that, in some cases, massage therapy is covered by health insurance.

To read more about this study, follow this link: www.HealingHandsOfSkokie.com/massage-for-low-back-pain.html.

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