Friday, December 10, 2010

Are New Vitamin D Recommendations Good Enough?

Earlier this year, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) put out new recommendations on Vitamin D supplementation. While the institute did raise the daily recommendations of the vitamin in every age group, many experts still feel that the recommended daily amounts are too low. Basically, they now recommend between 600-800 IU/day for adults. This approximately doubles the previous recommendations but is nowhere near the 2,000-4,000 many experts recommend.

Vitamin D is vital in many processes in the body. Some Vitamin D is obtained from food, but most comes from exposure to sun. For individuals with limited sun exposure or those that live in less sunny climates, supplementation is needed to reach appropriate daily doses of the vitamin. Some of the reported benefits of Vitamin D include decreased risk of cancer, weight control, prevention of osteoporosis, increased immunity and better brain function with aging.

The debate over how much Vitamin D is needed daily will continue between experts. Important to note is that each individuals need may vary depending on age, race, where they live and their overall health status. It is important for individuals to discuss vitamin D with their doctors and take the appropriate steps to proper supplementation.

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