Monday, May 20, 2013

Is the food industry scared?

I recently ran across this linked article on Yahoo. I find it interesting because of the style of writing...written in first person from the food industry to the consumer. I think that the article gives a good sense of the philosophy that the food industry possesses in regards to the American diet. Often times, our society shifts from one fad diet or way of eating to another. The food industry loves when we do this because it makes their marketing strategy simple to deploy. For example, when people start thinking that fat content is the problem, the industry does a terrific job of putting out low-fat or no-fat options for the foods we love. When carbs are evil, the industry creates products (even alcoholic products) that are marketed as "low-carb."

What people need to realize at some point is that, more than fats/carbs/cholesterol/etc., the main problem with the food we eat is simply in the way it is made. The industrial approach to all foods slowly poisons those who ingest them. While this is nothing new...additives and chemicals have been added to food for a long time...the percentage of food that is engineered continues to rise. All you have to do is look at the rate of disease processes that are directly related to diet...diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease. All of these are affecting individuals at younger and younger ages. The number of Type II diabetic children alone is staggering.

While eating completely organic, free-range, farm-raised foods is often too expensive for the average families' budget, efforts need to be made to eat less toxic foods. You can start by changing small things in your diet. For example, pay attention to the "dirty dozen." Avoiding these foods or choosing organic varieties can be a healthy kick start to changing your entire diet. Continue to take small strides forward until a majority of your diet falls within healthy parameters and you will be assured a longer, healthier lifespan.

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