Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Is it more expensive to eat healthy?

There is a general assumption in our country that eating healthy is too expensive. For this reason, many people (parents included) decide to buy "inexpensive" and unhealthy foods. Examples include pre-processed and junk foods. The fact is, for these people it is better to have cheap, unhealthy food than no food at all. Unfortunately, people are misinformed about the cost of eating healthy!

A new report shows that assuming healthy food is expensive doesn't hold water. In fact, if you're judging food by weight and not calorie content, eating healthier foods is LESS expensive than junk foods. This is a better way to judge the price of food because, simply put, a majority of us consume too many calories each day. Food quality is better gauged by nutrient content than by calorie content. For example, a person can eat a bag of chips and consume 1,000 calories without getting any real nutritional value from the chips. What this type of diet eventually will give people is obesity and a handful of health problems that go along with it.

A better way to approach eating is to eat all kinds of fruits and veggies. In doing this, you won't be consuming countless calories but will be getting all sorts of vitamins and minerals. Throw in some lean meats for protein (or healthy substitutes for vegetarians). With this type of diet, you will get plenty of calories to maintain a healthy weight and all sorts of positive benefits to your overall health. Also, you will quickly see that this eating approach doesn't cost much in comparison to an unhealthy diet. You'll be saving plenty by not buying $5 bags of chips and $6 quarts of ice cream!

To read more on the new report, check out this direct link to it:

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Will half of America be obese?

According to a new report by the CDC, nearly half of all adults in the United States will be obese by 2030. To be precise, an estimated 42% will be obese. Not only does obesity in adulthood decrease quality of life, but this epidemic is going to cost the healthcare system about $550 billion. $550!

Right now in the USA the Supreme Court is deliberating whether or not Obamacare is constitutional. Whether you like the regulations Obamacare introduces or not, change is needed to the healthcare system as we know it. Healthcare for many is becoming too much of a luxury and something many among us cannot afford. If we balloon the cost of healthcare spent on obesity to $550 billion, insurance rates are going to skyrocket as well. Even healthy individuals will not be able to afford insurance.

Why is this happening? Why are more and more adults obese? Well, the major reason for such a spike is the fact that way too many children in this country are obese! 3 in 4 obese children will become obese adults. And while some children are genetically predisposed to obesity, the vast majority of kids are at the mercy of their parents for food. Too many parents provide their children with meal after meal of unhealthy foods, fried foods, pre-packaged foods, etc. Parents need to step up to the plate and give their children the nutrition they deserve.

If you see someone who needs nutritional guidance, encourage them to get help. Also, set a good example yourself! Eat well, feed your children well and live a healthy lifestyle. If we make a good effort, we can start to make a difference in the obesity epidemic and hopefully reduce the estimate for 2030 and beyond!

Read more on the CDC estimate here:,0,4332050.story.

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