Friday, January 27, 2012

Sitting all day can seriously impact your health!

We constantly tell patients that the way to stay healthy as we age is to keep moving. Unfortunately, many of us live very sedentary lives. Typical days include sitting for 8-10 hours at a desk during work and then spending another handful of hours sitting on the couch during the evening. This type of scenario can lead to some serious adverse affects on your health!

Besides for the negative effects on you muscles and joints from inactivity, a sedentary lifestyle can literally take years off of your productive life. This is due to the effects that sitting has on such things as metabolism and insulin efficiency. Refer to the link below for an interesting article on the effects of sitting!

The best way to combat the effects of sitting most of the day is to be as active as you can be when not at work. Make sure to exercise regularly...whether through a gym membership, league sports or simply a long daily walk. Also, make sure to stand up and walk around regularly at work. This will not only help your health but also prevent fatigue from which many desk workers suffer. Again, refer to the above article on more tips to stay active throughout your day!

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