Wednesday, October 5, 2011

More proof exercise is good for the heart!

Recent findings in Sweden demonstrate that men with higher levels of testosterone had less risk for developing heart disease and/or having a stroke. To be specific, the study showed those in the highest testosterone grouping had 30% less risk for these occurrences.

The question then becomes...How do men keep their testosterone level high as they age? One option is HRT (hormone replacement therapy). HRT in women has been shown to actually lead to more heart disease and strokes. With that said, there is a safe alternative...exercise! Exercise increases lean muscle mass and will keep testosterone levels higher than they would be without it.

I encourage every patient of mine to exercise is some fashion. This doesn't mean they must go to a fitness facility and lift weights. Exercise comes in many forms, from taking brisk walks to pool aerobics to organized sports. The type of exercise often is not important...the act of exercising in some form is very important!

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