Friday, February 26, 2010

Chiropractic in Sports

In today's society, the trend in health care is moving into a more pro-active, preventative approach to sickness and disease. The rationale is that spending a little more money up front to prevent serious disease will cost us less and be less traumatic in the future. The chiropractic community has used this approach for decades. Chiropractic is based on keeping the body functioning at an optimum to prevent disease processes and injuries from occurring.

Because of the unique ability of chiropractic to help prevent injuries, athletes and teams from every major sport now utilize chiropractic services. Perhaps there is no better spokesperson for chiropractic than Hall of Fame football player Jerry Rice. Chiropractic helped him to achieve his goals in both sport and life. Those goals led to him being the all-time leader in touchdowns in NFL history!

In the following video, Jerry Rice describes how chiropractic has helped him:

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-Dr. Dan Wiewel

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